Optimising reservoir performance and recovery rates

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The Organic Oil Recovery process is a proven and innovative enhanced oil recovery technology which optimises reservoir performance and recovery rates. This breakthrough technology which manipulates the resident down-hole ecology offers operators an advanced tertiary oil recovery resulting in increased production, the lowering of lifting costs and significantly reducing H2S levels.

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  • 1 Field screening of reservoir characteristics.
  • 2 Laboratory/DNA analysis—verifying reservoir biology.
  • 3 ISMRA—proving microbial response in a single well pilot test.
  • 4 Targeted water flood implementation.
  • 5 Full field application.

Why Organic Oil Recovery?

  • True enhanced production - average 92%
  • Proven technology — Over 340 successful applications onshore and offshore
  • Overall success rate of 94%
  • Low cost
  • Zero Capex
  • Deferred abandonment
  • Reduction of H2S
  • Fully biodegradeable

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