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SPE Paper 20254

Copyright 1990, Society of Petroleum Engineers Inc.

Field Studies of Microbial EOR

A.J Sheehy, U, of Canberra


Microbiologically enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) is the use of microorganisms to facilitate, increase or extend oil production from a natural reservoir...see more.

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SPE Paper 129742

Copyright 2010, Society of Petroleum Engineers Inc.

MEOR Success in Southern California

Bob Zahner, Venoco Inc.; Alan Sheehy and Brad Govreau, Titan Oil Recovery, Inc.


A Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) process was successfully applied to a mature waterflood in Southern California, using indigenous microbes that normally remain dormant during the producing life of the field...see more.

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SPE Paper 145054

Copyright 2012, Society of Petroleum Engineers Inc.

Lessons Learned From Applications of a New Organic-Oil-Recovery Method That Activates Resident Microbes

Robert Zahner (Venoco Incorporated) | Shane Tapper (Husky Energy) | Brian Marcotte (Titan Oil Recovery Incorporated) | Bradley R. Govreau (Titan Oil Recovery Incorporated)


Using a breakthrough process, which does not require microbes to be injected, more than 100 microbial enhanced-oil-recovery (MEOR) treatments were conducted from 2007 to the end of 2010 in oil- producing and water-injection wells in the United States and Canada...see more.

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SPE Paper 124319

Copyright 2012, Society of Petroleum Engineers Inc.

MEOR Success in Southern Saskatchewan

Krista Town (Husky Energy) | Alan J. Sheehy (Titan Oil Recovery, Inc.) | Bradley R. Govreau (Titan Oil Recovery, Inc.)


A microbial enhanced-oil-recovery (MEOR) process was success - fully applied in a mature waterflooded reservoir in Saskatchewan, Canada....see more.

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